Community Activities

Strong Beginnings hopes to shape an environment that will support families and enable them to thrive.  To that end, we offer on-going events such as training for service providers and health-related activities in underserved neighborhoods.

Presentations and workshops for service providers and community leaders focus on social determinants and their effect on maternal-child health, on racial inequities, and the importance of cultural humility in providing services to diverse populations.  We offer numerous tools to help health care providers educate and support their patients.  

Strong Beginnings also works in our clients’ own neighborhoods to run educational programs on everything from breast/human milk feeding and infant safe sleep to parenting and family planning. On-going activities include:

  • Barbershop Talks.  Open discussions that take place at local barbershops during business hours.  All present during the discussion are welcome to participate.  Barber Shop Talk encourages conversation on the five core values needed to promote positive fatherhood interactions.  Conversations also highlight ways to enhance family and community life. 
  • Café Con Leche and H.U.G.S. (Helping Us Grow Strong) breastfeeding/chestfeeding support groups; meet virtually and in person to provide support for pregnant and nursing women and birthing people.
  • Dads Café Offers an opportunity for dads and father figures to discuss the importance of fathers' involvement in the lives of their children. 
  • Friend of the Court Advocacy Program Can help resolve warrants, state-owed arrears, reinstate drivers license. FOC offers the Responsible Parent Program, and opportunities to learn about employment. 
  • Health Equity / Social Justice two-day dialogue session open to anyone interested in exploring social disparities, privilege, and other concepts related to racial inequities.
  • Infant Safe Sleep Training.  Asphyxia from unsafe sleep practices is the third leading cause of infant death and completely preventable.  Our Certified Infant Safe Sleep Facilitator can teach you how babies should sleep to be safe from harm.  This interactive hands-on training for parents, community residents, child care providers, agency staff, church groups and other interested parties is available on request.
  • Managing Unconscious Bias, Cultural Intelligence and Health in All Policy May be available upon request.
  • Mom as Gateway is a three-week class to help mothers address barriers and behaviors that inhibit father-child involvement. This workshop offers relevant discussions and activities that promote shared-parenting.
  • Parenting Classes available in English and Spanish to strengthen parenting skills within a culturally-appropriate context will be offered as well.
  • 24/7 Dads Provides self-awareness, caring for self, fathering skills, parenting skills, and relationship skills. Topics discussed include family history, the meaning of being a man, showing and handling feelings, men's health, communication, the father's role, discipline, child development, getting involved, co-parenting, and work.  
  • Understanding Dad is an eight-week class to help mothers 1) increase their knowledge, positive attitudes and skills associated with improving their relationship with the fathers of their children, 2) increase their understanding of the importance of father-child involvement and 3) foster positive interactions with their children’s fathers.
  • You Go Girl!  Neighborhood parties with 10-12 young women gathering for fun, educational games, and frank discussions on topics related to women’s health, such as preconception health, healthy relationships, family planning, and nutrition.